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2017 Badges Selling Poster Info :iconstarnob:StarNob 3 0 Overwatch-Avaltor05-2017-sample :iconstarnob:StarNob 1 0 Owl badge-2017WIP :iconstarnob:StarNob 3 0 Diablo-beast-HOTS-design by-Avaltor05 (Starnob) :iconstarnob:StarNob 4 9 Mana Shard Bear form concept :iconstarnob:StarNob 8 2 2017 Starnob (self portrait) :iconstarnob:StarNob 3 0 2017 Starnob :iconstarnob:StarNob 4 0 Dakota-RIP-2017 :iconstarnob:StarNob 4 0 Little Owly Says... :iconstarnob:StarNob 7 6 Effects of outside a toxic relationship :iconstarnob:StarNob 1 2 Avaltor2017 commissions- simpler :iconstarnob:StarNob 1 0 Owly Rage :iconstarnob:StarNob 5 1 DerpOwly! :iconstarnob:StarNob 3 4 Deathknight Return-2016 :iconstarnob:StarNob 9 5 Meet the Artist-2017-Avaltor :iconstarnob:StarNob 4 3 Female Orc Warrior-Commission from 2016 :iconstarnob:StarNob 7 0
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Avaltor05 (Carrie)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Deaf Artist living in San Diego, CA area.

Born hearing but turnt deaf as baby due to strep throat thing + bad dose of medicine. Now making magic pictures and rainbows!


Current Residence: USA
Favorite genre of music: Anything with good brass! (SUBPAC ROCK)
Favorite style of art: style: cartoon+realistic style
Operating System: PC with Windows 10
Shell of choice: Sometimes I wish I can hide in a shell...forever
Wallpaper of choice: Cute ratties, Warrcraft, Dinosaurs, Owls
Skin of choice: Navy Blue color
Favorite cartoon character: Naruto characters, Pokemon characters, some DC/Marvel comic characters. It varies on my mood

Personal Quote: "Practice makes perfect"
It sure had been long time since I had written in this journal. So much had changed since I left a toxic relationship in 2013 that could had taken a turn for worse if I hadn't made up my mind. I often kick at myself for falling for a bad person, why did i do it? I often wondered if I hadn't met the ex, would I still be happy in New York? I think I'm just happy being in be near my family, my local friends- old and new and my daily ASL Coffee Night.

I've grown lot with help of a therapist to maintain a almost normal life much as I can be due to having Asperger. Having a regular event on every Fridays helps me to stay in touch with bit of Deaf community and socialize with hearing people, also to build new friendships. (I'm terrible at talking with people in person tho!) Anyway, my therapist said I can get off therapy now and I've said I wanted to stay more and keep in contract with her on regular schedule times. I'm glad I'm much better in mind/body sense since I left NY 3 years ago. 

Landlord had said there's possibility that I can obtain a pet rat again so I'm excited about saving up money from art commissions for pet stuff. He hadn't asked the complex about it yet but if they don't want have pet rats, I'll have to ask therapist to write paper and tell them that rats is my support pets because they help me stay focus and calm. So hopefully this gallery will soon be filled with rat pictures again! 

Drawing- I've improved so much from last year's badges commissions, changing my style again but this time it feels more "me" style. I've always liked older animation films works of Burton's and Disney's so mine is bit mix of both! Here's link to my trade with Cadi of Wow Eh?! webcomic-
 Cadi-2016 BlizzCon by StarNob
Hopefully I can obtain more badge orders before Oct! My Badge slot is on the site- and I'm called "Avaltor" on that site because it's my twitter name so it shall be keep used. (^_^)

"When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade out of them! Add bit of sugar, too!"

See you around!

-Starnob Aka Avaltor05 (via twitter)

Starnob's Commissions Information:
I can do Digital Avatars, Banners (with or without background) Digital sketches and full colored images!
Best works here :… to get idea of what I can do.

All of this money will be going toward to my second trip to Blizzcon and to improve my drawing station/gaming computer! So it would be greeattt if I can get some fur art to do on side! Please PM me for Paypal link and details you want on your commissions!

Take grande at my Deviantart gallery to get idea of what I can do!…
  • Listening to: ....nothing.
  • Reading: Warcraft: Illidan book
  • Watching: Netflix
  • Playing: World of Warcrack
  • Eating: eggs and chicken
  • Drinking: Coffee and Coffee and more Coffee...


2017 Badges Selling Poster Info
Information for people that might want to buy badge from me for 2017. Don't have to attend the blizzcon to get a badge. You can get it mailed to you (tho canada/outside USA might cost bit more in shipping sense). 

Badges will be:
* size of 6x4 inches
* Laminated
* looking awesome!
* can be customized (cost $65 for that tho)
* additional character for $15
* You will get avatar of your badge character in size needed for deviantart or twitter or facebook!
* digital badge sent to you once it's done.
* physical badge sent to you once it's done!

Help this owly get funds for BlizzCon trip!
Overwatch badge is done! ^_^ it will have the role icon under it in light white circle. I will make it go with completed commissioned badges if people picked it. :)  /hype

Overwatch (c) Blizz Ent

Design (by) :iconstarnob: (inspired by overwatch colors)
Owl badge-2017WIP
This is one of many projects I had undertaken, probably why I was seemly quiet on DA. 

-What is this for? This is for upcoming Blizzcon and future cons, you can feature your character and their names on this badge! 

-How do I order this or other badges? - You just pm me on my twitter @Avaltor05 for email address so i can reply to you with order list and badge samples for 2017. :)

-How much are they?
Total cost of $50 for already made badge like this one.
Total cost of $60 for custom badge. 

-I want extra character!- It'll be $15 if you want more than 1 character in badge. 

-Can I have it delivered or meet you at Blizzcon?
Sure! The shipping tend to cost $3 dollars total and if you want tracking #, I can get that. Also can meet you at BlizzCon if you are planning to meet me there. 

-Do I have to be attending Blizzcon to buy this from you? Nope!
You can just buy it and enjoy your character! (There's virtual ticket that you can buy to watch blizzcon at their site!) 

Blizzcon Badge Design (c) :iconstarnob:
Blizzcon (c) Blizz Ent 
Diablo-beast-HOTS-design by-Avaltor05 (Starnob)
Just a thing I got idea of diablo skin as the Beast from classic story of "Beauty and the Beast". :) I think rugged look would fit this beast and there might have to be different cloak colors to differ it from disney's version of Beast. 
Never drawn diablo full body before so I kinda sketched over the pose I got from screenshot, Will have to redraw him again in front/side proportions. 

Minor things about him:
He have spikes/horns like Diablo but on tips will be glowing almost reddish- rose color. Gem on his coal clasp have red glowing gem. 
He have metal bracers on his wrists and padded hands/paws.
 I let him have his own tail, can be thin like lion tail OR thick like original Diablo tail. (concept is based after mix of lion/gator tail)
His face is like diablo in some way with high cheekbones and horns coming from sides of his head, but can change to match the real bull style horns or whatever was said in original european tale of Beauty and the Beast.. 
Hadn't thought of other designs to match that kind of skin. ^_^

Diablo (c) Blizzard Ent
Concept drawn up by :iconstarnob:
Mana Shard Bear form concept
Just a random idea I had one day when questing in new places  of Warcraft's latest Expansion, Leigon. ^_^' Just that rock bear seems too...tame. :O 

Druid (c) Blizzard Entertainment

Mana Bear Form idea drawn up by :iconstarnob:  


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